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Farmer's Market, Farm Stand & CSA Resource page

Farmer’s Market, Farm Stand & CSA Resource

As more communities are being served more heavily by their local growers, we wanted to create a space where we could share helpful links, other relevant information as well as our value-added products. Thus, the Farmer’s Market, Farm Stand & CSA Resource page was born! We want to assist in growing your business and providing for your customers in even greater ways.

Our wholesale pricing on canning jars, lids, pectin and other food preserving tools & essentials make us an exceptional source for products that farmer’s markets, farm stands and CSAs who are jarring their own products in-house.

canning supplies, funnels, jar lifters, water bath canner and other essential tools for preserving foods.

For those markets selling quantities of fresh produce in order for their customers to do preserving, there are a few basic items that you should be offering along with that produce. The most basic would be cases of canning jars in the appropriate sizes, canning lids, preserving tool kits and/or stainless steel funnels and pectin.

pomona's pectin in the resale carton.

If you’re supplying berries or other fruits that would be preserved, Pomona’s Pectin would be an sound addition. It’s available in a nice resale carton. Each of the packets container the full set of directions. Here is a round-up of Jams using Pomona’s Pectin.

Our Food & Beverage industry page highlights glass packaging options for a wider range of products – beyond the use of traditional canning jar. If you want to offer your own dressings or sauces – either featuring herbs and other products from your farm, or especially to accompany products that you grow & sell, our wide selection of bottles and closures are perfect for the job! You’ll also find packaging solutions for beverages, salsa, dairy products and more.

Got Bee’s? You’ll want to see our Honey Resources page for important industry links in addition to packaging solutions, honey-centrist recipes for preserving and more!

Fillmore Container Honey Jar Collection 2

Help your customers get the most out of their purchases at your farmer’s market, farm stand and CSA with some of these posts:

Browse all of our preserving recipes here. Feel free to share them with your customers to help them enjoy and preserve the goodness of your harvest!

Often farm stands are able to receive orders on a pallet, if you’re not sure if your location meets the criteria, please give our team a call. Our goal is to help your farm business grow! Whether you are part of a farmer’s market, farm stand or CSA, we can help!