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Candle Wicks at Fillmore Container

Fillmore Container currently carries 2 types of candle wicks – HTP Wicks and Premier Wicks. This post compares candle wick types and provides  advice on making a wick selection, and tips on wick care.


HTP Candle Wicks

HTP candleHTP Wicks Fillmore Container wicks are a flat braid, coreless design made of cotton and paper. They have a high melt natural coating and are pre-tabbed with a 6mm safety clip. They are considered self-trimming with complete combustion which minimizes mushrooming and soot. The versatility of HTP makes them suitable for use in soy waxes and in those with lower melt points. All of our HTP Wicks are available in 6” length. The  10” or Prayer Candle length is available in the HTP 104 and HTP 83.


Premier Candle Wicks

Premier candle wicksPremier Candle Wicks are flat braid design made with textile-grade cotton with a high melt natural coating. They are clean burning with less mushrooming, given proper wick care. These wicks are suitable for container candles, tealights, votives, and pillars. They are available in 6” length and are pre-tabbed with a 6mm safety clip.


Choosing a Candle Wick

We have a Wick Selection Chart that offers guidance on which wicks may work best for common container diameters. You’ll notice that there is some overlap on the chart. This is because there are many other factors that will impact the performance of a wick in a given container.

Other variables like the type of wax used, any additives, dyes, and even the particular fragrance oil used will have an impact on whether you may need to wick up or down.

Finding the best performing combination for what type of candle you wish to produce takes a lot of dedicated testing, research, and time. It is not unusual for chandlers to spend more than a year continuing to perfect their product.

Candle Wick Care

Wick care is a crucial part of maintaining a quality burn even if you have created a quality candle. It is important to ensure that your customers know how to care for their wick so that they can experience a good, clean burn from their candle. While good candle care doesn’t require special tools, having the best tools certainly makes it easier! Consider offering candle tools as value-added purchases to your candle line.