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Soy Wax

Wholesale Candle Wax – Fillmore Container

We offer a large selection of wholesale candle wax with top natural wax brands like Cargill NatureWax® and Golden Brands (AAK). We carry a variety of natural candle wax options for making container candles, votive candles, and tarts. Choose from 100% soy wax or blends with coconut and palm waxes for your specific needs.

If you aren’t already familiar with a particular wax, we would highly recommend that you begin by referring to our Wax Comparison Sheet Wax Comparison Sheet and try out a sample wax (sizes vary by type of wax) before investing in a bulk case. We also have the Wax Handling Sheets when they are available from the manufacturer. We are sure to offer handling recommendations and updates that we receive from the manufacturers.

Soy Candle Wax

If all soy candle waxes were identical in relation to appearance and performance with all fragrances and/or dyes, the craft wouldn’t be quite as exciting! Because each chandler has their individual vision of their end product, the handling suggestions become very basic to allow folks to test and pour in order to find their perfect combination. Community boards and our Facebook page are good ways to connect with other chandlers for tips.

Craft Server is also a safe place to learn from other chandlers. It’s a great forum for new candle makers as well as seasoned makers looking for problem-solving suggestions.

Coconut Candle Wax

Coconut candle wax is ideal for candle crafting and to use as an additive to other waxes to create a sturdier blend. Choose from 100% pure hydrogenated coconut or soy blend.

What does Hydrogenated Mean?

Some natural wax products are more liquefied at room temperature. Since this isn’t usually what you need in a candle, manufacturers use the chemical process of hydrogenation, which adds hydrogen atoms to the fatty acid chains, which produces a more saturated and solidified product. So, when you see “hydrogenated soy wax” or “hydrogenated coconut wax” the difference between them and the wax in it’s entirely natural state is that process of adding hydrogen to make it a more user-friendly product for chandlers.Learn more about our wide selection of soy, soy blend, coconut and coconut blend waxes.

Candle Testing

Any successful chandler will attest to the importance of dedicated testing and accurate record-keeping for candle-making. Determining the proper fragrance load for your wax is an important part of the testing. In our What is Fragrance Load post, we discuss why it’s a crucial step in addition to very important factors to be considered as you develop your formula.

Our Candle Maker’s Troubleshooting Guide will be helpful prior to and during your candle making journey.

We’ve created two Candle Making Record Templates to help streamline the process for you because we understand that it can be a daunting task. Read more about candle testing and get the free templates here.

Candle Making-Testing Template

Wax Handling Sheets

NatureWax C-1

NatureWax C-3 & C-6

NatureWax Elite 200

NatureWax Elite 300 Smooth

NatureWax Elite 300 Texture

AAK Golden Waxes

Candle Supplies

Candle AccessoriesOur large selection of wholesale candle supplies is your go-to for jars for candle containers, square Mason jars, glass tumblers, covers & lids, fragrance oils, candle wicks, and clamshell packaging.