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Packaging Solutions for Home Care & Cleaning Products

Fillmore Container offers many packaging solutions for home care & cleaning products. Whether you’re looking for quality packaging for products you will be selling, or for use in your own home, we have what you need. Glass offers such versatility in this market because it does not absorb or give off odors and can be refillable and re-usable. As consumers become more aware of sustainability efforts and are willing to adopt more of their own, being able to offer long lasting, quality refillable vessels for your home care products is more important than ever.

Tip…if you are selling these with long-term use, re-use, refilling in mind, you may wish to offer plastic and metal lids so that your customers can make the choice…as the metal will eventually rust. Also, we suggest that you purchase extra lids so that if the lid gets broken or rusty, the jar is still just as useful! Lids are sold separately on our site, so you can easily order as many lids as you like. Consider including a back-up lid when you sell them.

Laundry Powder Packaging | Retail Display Vessels for Laundry Tabs or Cleaning Tabs | Refillable Laundry Powder Containers | Storage Jars for Dish washing Tabs or Laundry Tabs

Our stylish glass Montana Jars are excellent options for storage of laundry tabs, laundry powder, or dish washing detergent powder or tabs. They are available in 3 sizes, and are beautiful enough to set out in your laundry or kitchen counter. The plastic gasket on the lid makes for easy removal but keeps fragrances in and the contents fresh and dry. These also make great display jars for tabs, wrapped solid dish soaps, scrubbies and pretty much any smallish items you may wish to display in a retail space or at a pop up. The cracker jar line is also suitable for these applications, and has more of a vintage look but has a screw on lid – which may be a desired options if one wishes to make it more difficult to open the jar. This line would be an excellent option for a refillable laundry powder or laundry booster jar as they aren’t quite as large as the Montana jars.

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Packaging solutions for Liquid Laundry Detergent | Jars for Homemade Laundry Softener | Laundry Room Containers | Laundry Detergent Storage

While you could use the above containers for these applications, it will be easier to pour liquids into dispensers using jars or jugs with a smaller opening. Glass loop jugs are popular choices for larger volumes of liquid detergent storage. Plastic and metal lids would provide a tight seal. If rusting is a concern, the plastic may be the better choice.

Our Boston Round jars would be a more bougie option for liquid laundry container, and would be particularly appropriate for smaller volumes of a special additive. However, depending on your customer base, the 32oz Boston round may be a good refillable option.

Refillable Window Cleaner Bottle | Window Cleaner Dispenser | Glass Counter Top Sprayer | Sprayer for homemade Counter Top Cleaner | Liquid Dish Soap Dispenser

Sprayer for mason jars. Refillable window cleaner container. Packaging Solutions for Home Care & Cleaning Products

The Adapta Cap Sprayer makes Mason jars the perfect multi-purpose container for everyday use! Transform Mason jars into spray dispensers with this plastic trigger sprayer for cleaners or other mist-dispensing products. This fits any of our “regular mouth” mason jars, and the dip tube can be trimmed if you wish it to fit a shorter jar.

The reCAP Adapta Cap Pump is a multi-purpose cap that transforms a regular mouth Mason jar into soap & lotion dispensers. The pump is a great multi-purpose 2cc with a lock-down saddle head; a 5 15/16″ dip tube that you can CUT TO FIT, and a glass ball pump mechanism. CAP & PUMP ONLY, does not include jar. BPA Free. MADE in the USA.

Pump for mason jars. Refillable container with pump for soap, lotion, conditioner, syrup and more. Packaging Solutions for Home Care & Cleaning Products

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