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Candle Making Supplies

New to Fillmore Container? We’ve continued to grow our line of candle making supplies and candle accessories and have become a significant resource for the candle industry over the years. Although you can browse all of our candle supplies on the store site, we’re sharing a simple directory of these products here. Please see our Candle Maker’s Resource Page or browse our Candle Business Resources drop down menu for more valuable tips, guides, templates and other resources to help you in your candle making endeavors!

Candle Vessels & Covers

ceramic candle vessels with wooden lids for our candle industry resource page


Candle Wax

TruScent Fragrance Oils

Fillmore Container is your go-to source for high-quality fragrance oils, including the renowned TruScent Fragrance Oils, expertly crafted for peak performance in soy wax. As a leading fragrance oil supplier in the USA, we ensure every oil is meticulously packaged in amber bottles with polycone caps, safeguarding their quality and integrity. Our range caters to both newcomers and established creators, offering versatile 1-ounce sample bottles, 1-pound bottle and 25-pound drum options to suit your evolving needs. Dive into our diverse selection of candle fragrance oils and discover authentic, long-lasting scents for your candles, soaps, and lotions. For detailed information on each oil’s specific uses, easily access the IFRA documents available on our product pages.

TruScent Fragrance Oil

TruScent AromEffex Functional Fragrances

Scent is a powerful force in triggering emotion, recalling memories, connections and experiences. More people are turning to fragrances as a form of self-care and using these aromas to help strengthen the position of well-being in their spaces and homes. AromEffex fragrances are intricately designed functional fragrances which are formulated to support an atmosphere that positively impacts our olfaction, mood stimulation and well-being. This can be creating an atmosphere where ones mood is boosted, or one feels energized, or a sanctuary that facilitates a sense of calm & grounding or centeredness.

The formulations we carry are suitable for use in candles, mist diffusers, reed diffusers and personal care formulations within recommended usages on IFRA.

AromEffex Functional Fragrances from Fillmore Container

Candle Wicks

Warning Labels

Candle Care Tools

You can find all manner of inspiration for using these candle making supplies on our Candle Inspiration board.