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7 ways to enjoy or preserve cabbage

7 Ways to Use Your Cabbage

(Updated October 6, 2020)

This post is filled with 7 ways to use your cabbage…and love it! You’ll find Kimchi, Sauerkraut, and Cole Slaw recipes.

I’m not ambitious enough to grow cabbage in my garden, but have gotten some in our CSA box and from my Father’s trips to our local produce auction. I’ve come to realize that a single head of cabbage can go surprisingly far once sliced or shredded and have concluded that I simply can’t put all of it to use in a single dish or application.

When refrigerated, cabbage can hold up pretty well. Over the summer, I found myself shredding a quarter of a head of cabbage to make Old Fashioned Creamy Cole Slaw. However, it isn’t just for the summer time! I love putting a mound of this on top of pulled pork and skipping the roll! If you’re having a busy week, make some pulled pork, chicken or beef in your crockpot, whip up some of this slaw and you’ve got a delicious meal even if it’s chilly outside! Turn the remaining cabbage into your favorite kraut!

The first of our 7 ways to use your cabbage is the Basic Cole Slaw…which certainly does not taste basic!

Cole Slaw

#1 Basic Cole Slawcole-slaw

This first cole slaw recipe is an adapted from the Mennonite Community Cookbook.

Shred cabbage finely until you have about 4 cups.

Mix the following ingredients, and pour over shredded cabbage and mix well right before serving. (Refrigerate any remaining slaw.)

  • ¼ cup vinegar
  • ¼ cup sour cream (one could substitute Greek yoghurt)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tsp sugar
  • Pinch of mustard
  • Pinch of celery seed

#2 Marie’s Famous Slaw

This recipe is courtesy of True Vine Farm & CSA.

Shred 1 head of cabbage. Mix the following ingredients, pour over shredded cabbage and mix well before serving. (Refrigerate any remaining slaw.)

  • 1 cup Mayo
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • ½ tsp Pepper
  • 2T Vinegar
  • 2T Honey

Fermented Cabbage

Fermenting cabbage, while a very simple process, can result in a wide range of flavors depending on your ingredients.

#3 Simplest Sauerkraut

We enjoyed this simple sauerkraut recipe from Phickle. We happened to use a lovely red/purple cabbage in this 2 ingredient kraut, which resulted in a very bright hue!

#4 Dukkah Sauerkraut

This recipe for Dukkah Sauerkraut is also from Phickle, author of Ferment Your Vegetables. You’ll take your taste buds on a journey, with the complex flavors, but it’s still an easy kraut to make.


Image courtesy of Amanda Feifer; creator of Phickle and author of Ferment Your Vegetables – Mirepoix Kraut

#5 Mirepoix Kraut

This stunning Mirepoix Kraut from Amanda’s amazing book Ferment Your Vegetables  is a great fermented gift to be shared, so you may want to set up several batches!

Helpful tools for these recipes are  Pickle Pipes & Pebbles.


Kimchi ~ of which there are also many variations! Given the choice, most folks use the oblong Napa Cabbage for Kimchi, but the round cabbages work well too.

#6 Kimchikimchi

Amanda has an exceptionally instructional post on making a basic, but pretty traditional  Kimchi with the bright shades expected with most Kimchi.

#7 Carrot & Cabbage Kimchi

The Well Preserved folks have a recipe for Carrot & Cabbage Kimchi – a version lighter in color, which he explains in his post. You can see Joel making a simple Kimchi below. 






If you’re just getting into fermenting, we’re pleased to offer a wonderful Fermenting Supplies collection that includes the tools and resources to make the fermenting process, storing and sharing your ferments easier & more enjoyable!

We hope you enjoyed at least one of these 7 ways to use your cabbage! What’s your favorite method?

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