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Key Considerations When Moving from a Kitchen to a Co-Packing Facility

There is nothing quite like the freedom of crafting your culinary creations or or personal care formulations in the comfort of your kitchen. But as your small-scale production continues to grow, the limitations of your existing space may become apparent. The time comes when you must make a significant transition — moving your operations...

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accordion cut corrugate cushioning for sale

Corrugate Cushioning Material for Sale

We are excited to announce that we’re now offering made in-house accordion cut corrugate cushioning material for sale! Our investment in a new piece of equipment is allowing us to accomplish two wonderful things….to drastically reduce the amount of material heading out the door to our dumpster AND to offer another earth-friendly and affordable...

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When is a plastic lid the better choice?

When are Plastic Lids the better choice?

Let’s be honest. Plastics are problematic…particularly those of the single-use variety. However, there are applications in the food and personal care industry where a plastic component is better suited. So, when is a plastic lid the better choice? To be clear…plastic lids are not suitable for processes that require heat processing or the formation...

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