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Aqua Vintage Jars

Limited Edition Aqua Vintage Jars

Introducing the NEW Limited Edition Aqua Vintage jars from Ball®. These beautiful jars have been created to pay tribute to Ball’s rich history in canning. From the vintage logo, to the original “Ball Blue” color, to the jar & lid shape. These jars are a direct replica of the...

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Cherry Chocolate Preserves

Chocolate Cherry Preserves with Pomona’s Pectin

If you aren’t familiar, Pomona’s Pectin is a sugar-free, preservative-free, low-methoxyl citrus pectin that does not require sugar to jell. It enables you to make jams and jellies with little or no sugar, allowing you to make a healthier version of your preserves. For those of us that love...

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Sweet Cherry Jam

Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam

Cherry season is one of our favorites, but it never seems to be around long enough! It seems that every year, we’re scurrying to get and create something special with these delightful little fruits! We’re very blessed to live in an area with several wonderful orchards including some that...

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