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Cranberry Caramel Sauce-pot-FIJ

Cranberry Caramel Spread

Updated – December 2, 2020 This recipe for Cranberry Caramel Spread is a perfect preserve for the holidays. Drizzle it over ice cream, top a cheesecake with it, or add it to a cheese board. The preserve boasts a bright, beautiful color and is great preserve to gift this...

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Pressure Canning Winter Squash

Summer is coming to a close and fall has arrived!  The season has come for winter squash to mature in gardens and farmers’ fields. Sharon, from Simply Canning, shares her recipe and some tips to pressure can winter squash, such as butternut and pumpkin. Simply Canning, is a great...

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Canning Lids Didn't Seal

Why Didn’t My Canning Lids Seal?

October 1, 2020 | Canning, Canning 101, Product, Shop, What's New

Over the years, there have continued to be small changes made in the manufacturing of canning lids – even with what most of us know as Ball or Kerr lids. These changes, while they may be small or even unnoticeable to the naked eye, can make a difference in...

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