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Elderberry Syrup

How to Make Elderberry Syrup

Cough, cold and flu season is here and we’ve been hearing quite a bit about the benefits of taking Elderberry Syrup. If you didn’t know already, Elderberries act as an immune booster and can help naturally alleviate symptoms of the common cold or flu. Elderberries are an antioxidant and...

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How to Preserve Grapefruit

It’s time to get your fill of ruby reds, marsh, pomelo and oroblanco because it is National Grapefruit Month! These citrus fruits range from white to red and sweet to tart. The brightness of grapefruits lends them to be very flavorful marmalades, curds and jellies! We pulled together a few preserving...

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Strawberry Meyer Lemon Marmalade

It’s Meyer lemon season! There are so many reasons to love Meyer lemons! Oh, let us count the ways: They are sweeter than regular lemons; They have a thin rind that’s edible; They yield more juice than regular lemons; They have a beautiful floral aroma; They are not as...

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