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Milk Kefir

How to Make Milk Kefir

Several years ago, Amanda Pfeifer of Phickle, spent some time sharing some of her fermenting expertise at our Preservation Station – such a treat! She graciously shared some of her Milk Kefir grains (SCOBY) with us and we’ve been enjoying them ever since! We’ve continued to feed them, and...

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Grapefruit: How to Preserve

How to Preserve Grapefruit

It’s time to get your fill of ruby reds, marsh, pomelo and oroblanco because it is National Grapefruit Month! These citrus fruits range from white to red and sweet to tart. The brightness of grapefruits lends them to be very flavorful marmalades, curds and jellies! We pulled together a few preserving...

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How to freeze in jars

Freezing in Canning Jars 101

Whether you plan on freezing leftovers or following a “freezer style” recipe, there are some questions that usually come to mind. This post will teach you how to safely freeze in Mason jars. Which type of jars can I freeze in? It is important to only freeze in jars...

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