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Preserving Grapefruit

How to Preserve Grapefruit

Updated – February 11, 2022 It’s time to get your fill of ruby reds, marsh, pomelo, and oroblanco because it is National Grapefruit Month! These citrus fruits range from white to red and sweet to tart. The brightness of grapefruits lends them to be very flavorful marmalades, curds, and jellies! We...

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Canning Lids Didn't Seal

Why Didn’t My Canning Lids Seal?

October 1, 2020 | Canning, Canning 101, Product, Shop, What's New

Over the years, there have continued to be small changes made in the manufacturing of canning lids – even with what most of us know as Ball or Kerr lids. These changes, while they may be small or even unnoticeable to the naked eye, can make a difference in...

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Venison - Pressure Can

How to Pressure Can Venison

Pressure canning venison is quite easy, saves freezer space, and produces a shelf-stable, ready-to-use product that tastes amazing. Here, we share the simple steps of how to pressure can venison. This basic recipe can also be used for canning cubes or strips of elk, beef, pork, bear, or lamb....

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