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Rhubarb Recipe Round-Up

Updated – April 7, 2022 Depending on which growing zone you’re in, rhubarb season may already be in full force, or it may just be beginning to show up in smallish bundles at the market. Often, the Red Variety of Rhubarb is most popular – that rosy hue just...

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Price and shipping increases

Why are prices still so high and so may things still out of stock?

Why are prices still so high even though the COVID pandemic related restrictions are gone? Why are so many items still out of stock? We have been fielding inquiries on this topic in various forms lately and feel that it’s time to shed some light on the issue. It’s...

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Can I reuse canning lids?

Can I reuse canning lids?

This question gets asked more frequently than usual with the recent canning jar and canning lid shortages. While we do address the answer in a couple of other larger posts, we thought it was time to re-visit the topic. If you were to ask us “Can I reuse canning...

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