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Candle in a hex jar with black lid and words A Candle Maker's Troubleshooting Guide.

Soy Wax Troubleshooting Guide

While candle making may appear to be a relatively easy project, any experienced candle maker will quickly admit that it takes significant commitment of time and resources to produce a quality candle. In our soy wax troubleshooting guide, we provide some helpful tips for candle makers when working with...

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candle vessels with wooden lids

Wooden Lids & Candle Covers

These amazing wooden lids & candle covers are officially here! They are beautiful additions to our candle vessels and they are cut from sustainably managed forests and made here in the USA. Why does grown & made in the USA matter to us? And why do we believe that...

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Pressure Canners with text All American Pressure Canners at Fillmore Container

Pressure Canners at Fillmore Container

We are pleased to be carrying All American Pressure Canners at Fillmore Container. The manufacturer, located in the USA, has been producing these pressure canners since the 1930’s and has established a strong reputation for quality. Why a Pressure Canner? The USDA and NCHFP recommend pressure canning as the...

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