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How to Preserve Strawberries – A Round-Up of Strawberry Recipes

(Updated May 8, 2020) It is not surprising that strawberries are a popular choice for preserves. Making strawberry jam is often the main way most preserve strawberries, but there are so many other great ways to use these sweet berries. We’ve included a few of our favorite strawberry jam...

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Can I reuse canning lids?

Can I reuse canning lids?

This question gets asked more frequently than usual with the recent canning jar and canning lid shortages. While we do address the answer in a couple of other larger posts, we thought it was time to re-visit the topic. If you were to ask us “Can I reuse canning...

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Commercial Canning Lids

Choosing the best Commercial Canning Lids for Regular Mouth CT (70-450) or Wide Mouth CT(86-460) Canning Jars

This post will help you understand the differences between the regular mouth commercial canning lids we carry. Choosing the best commercial canning lids for your product is crucial whether you personally supervise the production or use a co-packing facility. Be sure to discuss the limitations of the line equipment...

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