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Honey Resources
May 13, 2021 Commercial Food / Beverage


Our honey & apiary resource page is a great place to start if you are looking to connect with local honey businesses,  planning to start a honey business for yourself, or looking for ways to expand your existing honey business.

The National Honey Board (NHB) is the “go-to” for honey & apiary resources and can connect you with even more highly educational industry resources. You can review the packaging and labeling requirements on this site.

The USDA publishes regular market reports on Specialty Crops, and  National Honey Reports. These include valuable information on external factors (weather events, environmental etc) that impact bee viability, nectar availability and honey production. It also includes world-wide Honey Market Reports. These can be very helpful as you plan from season to season.

The Honey Locator – If you need a source for your honey project, you’ll need to find a local honey source. The Honey Locator is a helpful resource to connect you with honey near you.

A Guide to Bee KeepingIf you want to start bee keeping as a hobby, or a business the Guide to Bee Keeping will get you started.


Honey Jars

Honey Jars

Glass is the best packaging for honey. Fillmore Container carries a wide selection of honey packaging resources from jars, lids, and corks, to heat shrink bands.  While you can certainly package honey in mason jars, we also carry classic honey jars and specialty jars that will make your product stand out on the shelf.  We also have jars suited for samplers or favors.  Our Honey Jars & Packaging Supplies page is a good introduction to our honey-worthy jars. 

You’ll find inspiration for more ideas on packaging and presenting pure golden honey goodness for your special occasion, or for retail sales, on our Pinterest board.

Honey Recipes

It’s helpful to inspire your customers with additional ways of using your honey! Since some of your customers may not be interested in learning new recipes in their own kitchen, you may also want to consider making & selling products that use your honey.  It’s no surprise that some of our honey-sweetened preserving recipes have become favorites in the pantry.  Pomona’s Pectin allows for easy substitution of honey as a sweetener and is an excellent companion product for your honey.

Pear Honey Jam

Here are some recipes and ideas on how to use honey in everyday cooking.

Honey is also a great ingredient to use in DIY bath & body products.  Try this Honey Oatmeal Scrub, or Honey Body Butter.

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