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Glass Packaging for the Food & Beverage Industry

Fillmore Container carries a robust line of glass bottles and packaging for a wide array of uses in many industries, but our wholesale glass packaging for food & beverage industry is how we got started!

Glass is the best for storing foods and beverages because it is inert – which means it doesn’t interact with what it’s holding. It shows off the beauty of your product. Glass is re-usable many times over, and completely recyclable.

We offer wholesale pricing without minimums and will fulfill your order whether it’s a single carton UPS order, a mixed pallet of bottles and lids or a truckload! Pricing tiers and shipping quotes can easily be accessed on our website. Our Fillmore Container Blog contains many useful resources addressing a variety of industries. Our Commercial Food/Beverage section is full of resource articles for small businesses from choosing a co-packer to learning about lid & liner options so that you can make the best choice for your products.

Glassware for Dairy | Yogurt Jars | Milk Bottles | Milker Replacement Jars

glassware for dairy, glass jar for ghee, glass jars for dairy industry, butter jar

Whether you’re looking to store raw milk from your dairy or sell your dairy products like ghee, cream, butter or yogurt, glass is best! Maintain optimal freshness and quality with the inert nature of glass. Ability to withstand sterilization facilitates re-fill or re-use programs.

French Square Dairy bottles are beautiful, reusable and space-saving choices for milk or for drinkable yogurt. Available in 32oz, 16oz and 8oz.

Loop Jugs or Glass Growlers make pouring your fresh milk an easy task.

Economy jars make excellent packaging for any kind of yogurt, butter and ghee. They are also an economic choice for specialty milks that are sold in smaller volume.

Our gallon & half gallon widemouth jars are the classic milk storage jars. Some are even used as replacement jars for portable milkers – be sure to verify the exact finish prior to purchase to be sure about compatibility.

Straight-sided jars make great butter jars – whether you’re jarring basic butter or herbal or infused butters.

Hot Sauce Bottles | Syrup Bottles | Soy Sauce Bottles | Sauce Bottles | Woozy Bottles

Woozy bottles from fillmore container, hot sauce bottles, glass packaging for the food industry

Showcase your hot sauces, soy sauce and syrups or hand out samples of your famous dressings, infused olive oils or vinegar and marinades in any of our woozy bottles.

This 5-ounce glass bottle is the perfect size for your homemade hot pepper sauces and the 24-414 finish is compatible with multiple of our cap fittings, including snap-on fitments for drizzling. See all of our 5oz woozy bottles to see which best fits your needs.

The 1.7oz Mini Woozy Bottle with 18-400 finish has become a quick favorite as a mini liquor bottle, maple syrup bottle or mini olive oil bottle for wedding or shower favors. It is also ideal for packaging sample sizes of hot sauce, syrups and other precious liquids.

Kombucha Bottles | Kombucha Jars | Juice Bottles | Home Brew Growlers | Fire Cider Bottles | Shrub Bottles | Drinking Vinegar Bottles

Stout Bottles, Kombucha bottles, 16oz Kombucha Bottles, Glass Packaging for the Food & Beverage Industry

Stout Bottles are favorites in the Kombucha industry and for bottling shrubs, fire cider and drinking vinegars. Available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 32oz volumes, these bottles will show off your kombucha in style!

Economy jars are just that! Price-wise, this line of jars is the most economical. They are compatible with a very wide array of lids, as well as clear heat shrink bands to help keep those lids on and to provide a tamper evident feature for your customers.

glass jar, economy jar, kombucha jar, Glass Packaging for the Food & Beverage Industry
kombucha bottles, glass packaging solutions, Glass Packaging for the Food & Beverage Industry

Available in clear and in amber, Boston Round Bottles make excellent packaging for kombucha and other specialty ferments like fire cider. Both metal and plastic lids are available along with heat shrink bands to help finish off your product and make it stand out on the shelf!

Growlers and loop jugs are solid options for your more commercial kombucha, specialty vinegar or shrub customers, or for your growler refill program. Customers love being able to bring in their clean kombucha growlers and refilling at your kombucha tap! These are also a staple for home brewers.

Pickle Jars | Jars for Low Temp Pickling | Jars for Pickled Eggs | Jars for Pickled Vegetables | Pickled Egg Jars

There are many variations on pickling, and different recipes and guidelines for pickling different products. Please be sure that the container and style of lid you choose is compatible with your required process. We have several posts to help you choose lids based on what you plan to do, but if you’re unsure, please give our team a call prior to your purchase.

glass jars with pickled vegetables,glass packaging for the food industry, pickle industry

Lug style pint jars and lids are often preferred in the commercial kitchen for pickled products. The lug lids are usually available with the pasteurization plastisol, which is compatible with most commercial pickling processes. Fillmore Container carries a wide range of economy jars with the lug finish. (Item ID’s of jars with the lug finish end with “W” in our system)

The Mayo quart jar is a very popular quart-sized vessel for pickles, pickled red beets, pickled eggs, chow chow, and many other non-pickle home canning products. This jar has a 70-450 neck finish which is also known as a G70 or 70G. As with all of our jars, you will find compatible lids of each jar under that jar’s accessories tab.