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Glass Packaging for the Nutraceutical Industry

Fillmore Container offers a healthy selection of suitable glass packaging for the nutraceutical industry. Glass is the clear choice (even if it’s amber!) because of its inert characteristic. You can browse all of our glass packaging options here. If your formulation might require special consideration regarding the style and type of closure, our Guide to Lids and Liners would be helpful. We understand that you want your packaging to be leak-proof, to protect the quality of your formulation and to be user friendly. There are several resource articles in our Commerical Food/Beverage and the Personal Care & Wellness sections of the blog which may also be applicable to your business. If you have questions about which product combinations may work best for you, feel free to reach our to our team!

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Mason Jars and Economy Jars are some of the most economical and streamlined options for drinkable supplements. The popularity of the 70-450 CT finish also offers the most diversity in color/style/type of lids and fitments that are available.

Glass Packaging for nutriceuticals and health drinks

Stout bottles and Sauce bottles are attractive packaging solutions for energy drinks, protein drinks, natural concentrates, elderberry syrups, elixirs, old-pressed natural juices and more

Package your energy shots, protein shots or small liquid supplements in Boston Round Bottles. Ranging from 1oz to 32oz, in clear and in amber, these jars will make your product stand out visually while also helping to maintain the quality of your carefully crafted formulation. Amber bottles reduce the impact of UV light on your products. Phenolic lids and heat shrink bands are available for all sizes to provide additional customer confidence. The compatible lids/fitments/heat shrink bands for each jar/bottle can be found in the “accessories” tab of each product.

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Any of our larger jars could be suitable for packaging for the nutraceutical industry and storing protein powders and nutritional supplements. As you consider jars styles, you will also want to consider which types of lids are available for those jars and which would be best for your total package. Our article Guide to Liners in Lids & Caps will shed some light on your options.

Straight sided jars are easy to scoop from, and range in size from 2oz to 32oz. Both plastic lids with foam liners and metal lids are available for most of these jars in addition to heat shrink bands for tamper evidence. Some of these are also available in amber glass for added UV protection.