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December 13, 2016 Fermenting, For a Potluck, Pickles, Preserving Recipes, Tasty DIY

Quick Pickling for the Holidays

Pickling isn’t just for summer time! Looking to add something crunchy to your relish trays at the upcoming Holiday gatherings, or even to share with your neighbors? Grab some cucumbers or other veggies and get pickling!

Quick Pickles, AKA Refrigerator Pickles are stored in the refrigerator, so there isn’t any need for a boiling water bath. Yes, you will need to have a little room in your refrigerator, but perhaps it’s a good time to do a little clean out anyway. Pickling Spices in Jars Fillmore Container

Don’t have fresh Dill or spices on hand or know that you’re going to be super short on time?  You can buy spice mixes like Mrs. Wages Refrigerator Pickle Mixes, which are available in Kosher Dill, Polish Dill and even Bread & Butter!

If you’re lucky enough to have some of your pickling spices on hand from the summer, you can find a wide selection of Quick Pickle recipes or even Fermented Veggie Recipes to try! Because the canning process isn’t needed for these, it gives you the opportunity to use some jars that you might feel uncomfortable using in the canner. (You might want to do some browsing!)


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