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candle vessels with wooden lids

Wooden Lids & Candle Covers

These amazing wooden lids & candle covers are officially here! They are beautiful additions to our candle vessels and they are cut from sustainably managed forests and made here in the USA.

Why does grown & made in the USA matter to us? And why do we believe that it’s worth the extra investment?

  • We can be confident in the measures taken by those who manage the forests, the manner in which the lumber was harvested, the environmental awareness of those machining the lids.
  • There is significant reduction in emissions to get those pretty lids to our doors.
  • Domestic production means shorter lead times with fewer possible hiccups in shipping …so keeping these in stock will be easier than those imported options.

Maple and Oak Lids

The Maple and Oak wooden lids are made in the USA using lumber, sustainably harvested in accordance with the state of Indiana’s Hardwood Strategy to maintain a positive growth-to-removal ratio.

Pine Lids

Pine wooden lids are made in the USA using lumber grown and harvested in the USA in a manner which meets and exceeds the industry standards for sustainability.

MDF Lids

MDF lids are made in the USA with USA-manufactured MDF that meets the Eco-Certified Sustainable Use of Wood Fiber; ECC Standard 4-19 requirements. This includes compliance with Eco-Attributes as relates to carbon footprint, locally sourced fiber, recycled, recovered or post-consumer fiber content and the sustainable use of wood fiber. 100% of the wood content used is recycled. These MDF lids are an empty slate – and can easily be branded as you see fit.

Currently, the MDF is only available for the Apothecary Jars, but we will likely be adding them in other sizes. (Also in this image is the white-wash and the dark stained pine.)

Below are the current wooden lids that fit glassware or ceramic ware that we carry. If you are on our website, you can always use the “Accessories” tab of a vessel to see which lids are compatible (and vice versa).

Wooden Lids for Reno Tumblers

  • Raw Maple Wooden Lid for Reno Tumbler – WL-001
  • Dark Stained Maple Wooden Lid for Reno Tumbler- WL-002

Wooden Lids for 14oz Tumbler, the Libbey 7.75 oz Cidra, 10.5 oz Libby Candle Cylinder

  • Black Stained Pine Wooden Lid – WL-010
  • Dark Stained Pine Wooden Lid – WL-011
  • Whitewashed Pine Wooden Lid – WL-012

Wooden Lids for 3-Wick Glass Candle Jar

  • Raw Maple Wooden Lid for 3 Wick Candle Jar – WL-050
  • Dark Stained Maple Wooden Lid for 3 Wick Candle Jar- WL-051

Wooden Lids for 8 oz Elite Jar, 6oz Tumbler, 15oz Perfection Tumbler and the 16oz Glass Can

  • Pine Thin Dark Stained Wooden Lid – WL-020
  • Oak Thin Raw Wooden Lid – WL-021

Wooden Lids for 12oz Elite Jar & Libbey Status Jar, 20oz Elite Jar & Libbey Status Jar, the 9.75 oz The Gats Old Fashioned Libbey Rock, and 7.5 oz Old Fashioned Tumbler .

  • Pine Thin Dark Stained Wooden Lid – WL-030
  • Oak Thin Raw Wooden Lid – WL-031

Wooden Lids for 8oz, 16oz, 24 oz Apothecary Jars and Libbey Classic Apothecary Jars.

  • MDF Lid for Apothecary Jars – WL-040
  • Dark Stained Pine for Apothecary Jar – WL-041
  • Whitewashed Pine for Apothecary Jar – WL-042

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