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October 29, 2021 In the News

Mason Jars Podcast – Keith Reinhart

Our very own Keith Reinhart, President of Fillmore Container, was a guest on the Mason Jars MakerPlace podcast.

Keith spoke with host Karen Rzepecki, the President & Founder of, MakerPlace Inc., about the Mason jar shortage and the struggles of trying to secure Mason jars during the pandemic, and the repercussions of the shortage over the past year. You’ll also hear him discuss a bit about Fillmore Container’s history and its new facility. Plus, he talks about his favorite jar!

“We’ve never seen the demand for Mason jars that we saw last year, and it’s continued through this year. The demand has made it very difficult for Ball to maintain output. We are fortunate to be on a shortlist of folks who still get monthly releases of Ball products, but it’s not nearly enough to meet the demand we’ve been seeing.”

Keith Reinhart

“Thankfully, we have good relationships with a variety of domestic manufacturers and distributors including Arkansas Glass Container, Ardagh Group, and Anchor Hocking. Having strong relationships with those manufacturers has proven helpful in managing and securing stock for our customers throughout the shortage.”

Keith Reinhart

Mason Jars PodcastThe Mason Jars MakerPlace podcast talks about canning, the Mason jar shortage, and anything Mason jars related. This series dives into challenges entrepreneurs have in relation to securing Mason jars for their businesses, and bonus content for anyone who enjoys food preservation.

Listen to more episodes of the Mason Jars MakerPlace podcast, as Karen interviews fellow entrepreneurs, and other industry experts including, Penn State Extension, Farmtrue, Cuppow, Everything Elderberry and more. Watch here, listen here, or the podcast is available on Spotify and Apple – just search Mason Jars Podcast.

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