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Fillmore New Facility-April
February 8, 2021 News, What's New

New Facility for Fillmore Container

We are excited to announce that we are planning a move in 2021! After years of looking for existing real-estate, it became clear that if we wanted to operated effectively and remain relatively close to our current location, we would need to build something that best suited our needs. Construction is in progress and we hope to transition to the new Fillmore Container facility, still located in Lancaster County, PA in late summer or early fall 2021. You can follow this post for regular updates on our progress. For even more updates check out our Instagram Stories.

April 2021

We are starting to count down the weeks until we move to our new location! This month the interior of the warehouse came together as concrete slabs were poured and plumbing and electrical were installed. Doors & windows are starting to go up and we were able to see the view from our customer service pod.

Fillmore Container new warehouse 2021

The final touch on our April progress was the installation of the riparian buffer which will provide improved soil retention, water filtration and create shade and habitat for a variety of wildlife. We also love that it plays a key role in increasing water quality in associated streams and rivers in particular – the Little Conestoga and the Susquehanna River which ultimately flow into the Chesapeake Bay, thus providing environmental benefits to our community and beyond.

Riparian Buffer at Fillmore Container
Riparian Buffer

March 2021

The warehouse is starting to take shape! This month we watched as walls and the roof became visible. Insulation, panels, and wall siding were installed this month. We also had a chance to speak with LNP to discuss a little bit about our difficulty in finding a location to accommodate our growth.

February 2021

This month witnessed some significant construction. Concrete foundation and steel installation is well underway! It’s exciting to see the ground work being laid for a facility which will allow us to operate with greater efficiency.

Concrete Work on Fillmore Container new building

January 2021

January brought more site preparations, in addition to deliveries of steel required for our warehouse height needs and to support the weight of a future solar panel installation.  

Steele for Fillmore Container new building

December 2020

After site preparation which included measures to mitigate the environmental impact, the underlying rock needed to be addressed. The blasting process was pretty impressive.

November 2020

Ground breaking happened this month on our new facility for Fillmore Container in East Hempfield  – Lancaster County, PA. We are excited to expand our business to a new bigger location where we can operate with increased efficiency. We are pleased to work with Professional Design & Construction throughout this project.

Pictured: Keith Reinhart, President, Fillmore Container and Glenn J. Frill, PE, President, Professional Design & Construction.

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