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What is Vanillin?

A question that’s often asked by candle makers is – What is Vanillin and/or Ethyl Vanillin? Why does is matter? Vanillin is one of the components that contribute to the distinct aroma of vanilla. Since the demand for vanilla flavoring has always outweighed the possible supply, much of the Vanillin is synthetically produced.

Vanillin or Ethyl Vanillin

Ethyl Vanillin is a synthetic similar in structure to Vanillin and is 3 times stronger in potency, but slightly different with regard to the note.

What impact does Vanillin have on a product

Fragrance oils that contain Vanillin or Ethyl Vanillin will oxidize faster than fragrance oils without this ingredient. This means oxidation may cause the fragrance oils to become darker in color over time.

If you plan to dye your products, this will not be noticeable. However, if you are not using dye, you will notice the impact over time. The darker color could show up after only a week of your candles or soap curing. It could take much longer for the end-product to darken. It depends on the chemistry of the specific products you are using. You may wish to test this when formulating personal care products or consider an amber glass to reduce UV impact, and to reduce the visibility of darkening, knowing that it’s only visual, not an indication of quality or performance.

A finished product that appears darker in color does not affect its scent throw, it is simply relevant in the appearance of your final product.

What’s the best way to store oils with Vanillin?

Fragrances that are higher in Vanillin may also crystalize in colder conditions. This is important to know for fragrance storage or conditions during transport. The Vanillin portion of the fragrance will appear as small white crystals. If crystals do appear, the integrity of the fragrance is not compromised; the oil simply separates if the temperature gets too cold. To melt the crystals, place the tightly sealed fragrance bottle in very warm water. The crystals will easily mix back into the fragrance oil.

Which TruScent Fragrance Oils have Vanillin?

We display the presence of these compounds and the general application % in the description page of each TruScent fragrance oil.

You can find additional information in the SDS and IFRA documents. Both of these can be located in the “Product Attachments” tab of each TruScent fragrance oil.

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