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Soy Wax

Soy Wax

Candle Wax

We currently carry wax from the top 3 premium soy producers: NatureWax, EcoSoya, and Golden Brands.

Even though they are all soy formulations, each one is unique. If you aren’t already familiar with a particular wax, we would highly recommend that you begin by referring to our  Wax Properties Chart. We also have the Wax Handling Sheets (found below) when they are available from the manufacturer.

If all soy waxes were identical in relation to appearance and performance with all fragrances and/or dyes, the craft wouldn’t be quite as exciting! We are sure to pass along all handling recommendations and updates that we receive from the manufacturers. Because each chandler has their individual vision of their end product, the handling suggestions become very basic to allow folks to test and pour in order to find their perfect combination. Community boards and our Facebook page are good ways to connect with other chandlers for tips.

EcoSoya Update:

New EcoSoya waxes expected in April 2017ecosoya-wax-fillmore-container

EcoSoya has announced their next generation of candle waxes. Expect improved scent throw, increased stability and richer colors in their EcoSoya 110 (a great replacement for CB- Advanced Soy), EcoSoya 120 and EcoSoya 130. These new waxes should be released spring 2017. More details from the manufacturer will be available soon.

**NGI has discontinued their current EcoSoya waxes (CB Advanced, CBXcel, CB135 and Pillar Blend)

Wax Handling Sheets

NatureWax C-1 Handling Sheet

NatureWax C-3 Handling Sheet

NatureWax Elite-200 Handling Sheet

NatureWax Elite-300 Handling Sheet

Feathering Pillar Wax Handling Sheet

CB XCEL Handling Sheet

CB135 Handling Sheet

CB Advanced Handling Sheet

Pillar Blend Handling Sheet

AAK Golden Waxes Handling Sheet







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