Tangerine Sunshine Fragrance Oil

Item ID: TS133
100 % of 100
As low as $3.25
1 Ounce $3.25
25 lb. Drum $370.00
1 lb. Bottle $16.00
Wholesale Pricing Tiers
Buy 5 -Unlimited $15.00 / 1 lb. Bottle
Flashpoint 156.2 °F
Leave on Products (Lotions) Maximum use: 11.00 %
Wash off Products (Soaps) Maximum use: 84.00 %
Vanillin Content 0.00 %
Ethyl Vanillin Content 0.00

A simple yet energetic blend featuring notes of aromatic tangerine peel, sun-ripened grapefruit, and zesty lime that will truly awaken the senses. TruScent fragrance oil.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Sun-drenched Clementine

Mid: Pink Grapefruit, Kaffier Lime

Dry: Vanilla Sugar

To maintain the integrity of our TruScent Fragrance Oils, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please consider purchasing the 1-ounce sample bottle for testing prior to purchasing larger quantities.

TruScent Fragrance Oil is measured by weight in ounces. Because each oil has its own specific density, there will be a variation in volume when comparing one scent to another.


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