70-450 Pink Button Plastisol CT Lid

As low as $0.30
Each $0.30
Case of 1000 $220.00
Wholesale Pricing Tiers
Buy 3 - 5 $210.00 / Case of 1000
Buy 6 - Unlimited $200.00 / Case of 1000
Lid Size 70-450
Manufacturer Tecnocap LLC

Looking for an adorable canning lid for your next party or event? Check out our one-piece Pink Canning Lids with Safety Button! These 70-450 mm CT (continuous thread) lids, also known as Regular Mouth, G70, or 70G closures, feature a lovely bubblegum pink color (Pantone Color 237) that's perfect for baby showers, gender reveal parties and other pink-themed gatherings. Plus, they're suitable for hot-fill processes and easy to use with any of the containers listed in our Product Accessories section. Just remember to use RC-G70 Hi-Heat closures for water bath processing, as they can handle higher heat levels. And best of all, this lid is made in the USA! Whether you need just a few pieces or an entire case, we've got you covered.

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