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Commercial Canning Lids
January 29, 2021 Canning, Canning 101, Commercial Food / Beverage, Product

Choosing the best Commercial Canning Lids for Regular Mouth CT (70-450) or Wide Mouth CT(86-460) Canning Jars

This post will help you understand the differences between the regular mouth commercial canning lids we carry. Choosing the best commercial canning lids for your product is crucial whether you personally supervise the production or use a co-packing facility. Be sure to discuss the limitations of the line equipment if you are using a co-packer. It is good to know which options are out of the question.

The specific measurements (all of them!) of the jar finish and of the lid finish matter. Be sure you are choosing a lid compatible with your jar by browsing from the “Accessories” tab of the jar in question. We link them in this way to avoid order errors. If you need to verify, be sure to contact our customer service team before ordering.

What you should know about Commercial Canning Lids

Are you over-whelmed by the variety of commercial canning lids? It is easier to see how these differences impact the safety and quality of your finished product as you become familiar with the terminology of the food packaging industry. These details determine which of the commercial canning lids are the best fit for your product and/or process.

You have more options if your commercial process does not include creating a vacuum seal. The commercial canning lids listed here are still useful for those applications, but not necessarily required. Those lid options are addressed in a separate post.

“We are not a process authority or an affiliate of the National Center for Home Food Preservation. The purpose of this post is to provide some clarity on lids options available in the food packaging industry. Individuals are responsible for using processes approved by their Process Authority and that are consistent with their HACCP plan”

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Commercial Canning Lids - Single Piece

Regular Mouth Lids G70-450

Our Regular Mouth Continuous Thread (CT) category offers the largest selection of lids. These commercial canning lids are designed to fit a true regular mouth jar, or a traditional regular mouth canning jar.  This 70-450 mm CT (continuous thread) lid is also known as a G70 or 70G closure. The 70 refers to the diameter of the finish. The 450 refers to the skirt of the lid.  Within this grouping, there are unlined lids (not for food as they have no liner at all), lids with foam or pulp/poly liners (suitable for some dry or refrigerated products, but not for processing) and plastisol lined lids. Plastisol lined lids are the focus in the remainder of this post, as they are created for the packaging and preserving of foods through specified processes that, if properly done, create a hermetic seal.

The following commercial canning lid groupings  differ in the manufacturer, color, or interior coating; and in the type of plastisol liner they contain.

We recommend testing when making changes in lids. There may be differences such as variations in plastisol thickness or strength of the tinplate of the lids. These variations can impact the amount of vacuum required for a proper seal, or the treatment of the lids prior to use. If you are switching from a home canning 2-piece lid to a one-piece lid, it is very important to recognize the differences mentioned above and how they will impact the manner in which you apply them and the difference required vacuum.

RC G70 Lids

RC G70-450 lids contain a plastisol liner. Plastisol lined caps are the perfect option for a hot-fill process. After the non-removable plastisol liner is heated/warmed from the product temperature, it will solidify and create an airtight, hermetic seal around the mouth of the jar.

The color identified in the description of these refers to the paint color on the outside of the lid. The inside of these commercial canning lids has a white coating (for most colors) or buff coating (for gold lids) that extends onto the curl of the lid. These are manufactured in the USA by Tecnocap.

RC3 Lids

RC3 G70-450 lids are also only available in standard colors, but comparable in function to the RCG70. These lids have a pasteurization plastisol, which can handle more heat and makes them suitable for hot fill process or water-bath pasteurization process.  Interior lining is buff and is visible on the curl.  These are manufactured in Europe by Massilly.

Hi-Heat Lids

RC 70-450 Hi-Heat commercial canning lids are similar to the lids above, with the exception of the type of plastisol. The plastisol in the Hi-Heat lids is designed to withstand higher levels of heat and may be used in water-bath processing. In this case, the plastisol is softened during the water bath processing. As the product cools afterward, it re-solidifies to create that airtight, hermetic seal on the mouth of the jar.

These are also available for wide-mouth jars with the 86-460 finish and have the RC-086 as part of their item ID. You can find both the “Regular Mouth” (RC 70-450) and the “wide Mouth” (RC-086) Hi Heat Lids here.

These commercial canning lids are only available in more standard colors. They have the white or buff (on gold lids) interior lining that is visible on the curl. These are made in the USA by Tecnocap.

Additional Sizes of CT Metal Plastisol Lids

We carry many additional sizes of commercial canning lids in the CT finish. Those manufactured by Tecnocap contain a standard plastisol and are designed for hotfill processing. To ensure that you are choosing a lid compatible with your jar, be be sure to choose it from the “Accessories” tab of the jar in question.

Lug Style Commercial Canning Lids

The Lug lids contain pasteurization plastisol, which makes them most suitable for hotfill processing. These lids are most frequently the lid of choice if your production line uses a steam capper.

Be sure you are choosing a lid compatible with your jar by browsing from the “Accessories” tab of the jar in question.

Browse all of our metal lids here.

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  1. Dallas Smith Posted May 25, 2021 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    So is there any difference between 70-450 and 70G-450? Some distributors have the G and some do not.

    • Fillmore Container Posted May 26, 2021 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

      Hi Dallas,
      Good question…there is not! Assuming the 70/450 is referring to a CT (continuous thread) lid, the 70 refers to the diameter, the 450 refers to the length of the skirt.

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