NatureWax C1

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Manufacturer Cargill Industrial Specialties

NatureWax C-1 Soy Container Candle Wax from Cargill (formerly Elevance Renewable Sciences). This 100% natural soy/palm blend provides great cold and hot throw. C1 was the 1st-generation all-natural container wax and maintains a significant following. It has good resistance to bloom, mitigates wet spots through complete pull-away, and has very good hot throw. Most jars will require touch-up with a heat gun or a second pouring. Clean pull-away in addition to low melt point (quick throw) makes this a great soy wax for tarts, too. Fillmore offers several wholesale/bulk price points with quick turn times. Handling Data/Process Instructions/Pouring Temperatures available for download under Product Attachments tab. Sold by 50 lb. carton/box in flake form or 5lb Wax Sample box. MADE in the USA.