ECO 10 Wick - 6 Inch

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Our bulk ECO 10 wicks are available in 6-inch lengths with a pre-tabbed safety clip. The ECO wicks are flat, coreless wicks made of cotton and interwoven with specially treated paper filaments that help reduce the afterglow commonly found with other paper wicks. ECO candle wicks are known for their controlled curl during combustion and consistent burn profile. Designed with self-trimming capabilities, the ECO wick decreases mushrooming and soot. The ECO 10 wicks are appropriate for container candles.

ECO 10 Wicks Feature:

  • 6" Length
  • Melt Pool Diameter of 2.80 Inches
  • Pre-tabbed with 6 mm Safety Clip
  • Primed with High Melt Wick Wax
  • Sold in Bulk 

To compare ECO wick options, refer to our ECO Wick Guide. 

Many variables, such as wax, fragrance, dyes, and additives, can affect how a wick performs. We strongly recommend testing to determine which wick is the correct option for your candle. Refer to our Candle Testing Template and Candle Production Template to help record your candle-making process. Review additional candle-making resources and tips here.

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