Kombucha & Kefir Workshop

$40.00 / Each

Hands-on Kombucha Making class + A demo on Milk Kefir.

10am – 12:30pm October 27, 2018 at The Livery at Lampeter Cafe, in Lampeter PA. (additional details will be provided after class enrollment)

Kombucha is a delicious fermented tea beverage that’s been sweeping the nation for years now. Making kombucha is easy! In this session, we’ll cover basic techniques and give you an understanding of why and how this fermentation process works. We’ll also talk about bottling, flavoring, fizz and the best way to make your kombucha taste the way you want it to taste! We’ll discuss how to best care for your kombucha culture (SCOBY), problems you may encounter along the way and how to deal with them and we’ll debunk some myths about what this mystical brew really “does.”

This class will cover:

•Myths about kombucha and health

•SCOBY health

•Continuous brew

•Single batch brew

•Flavorings/secondary fermentation


•Fermentation basics

Everyone will go home with a SCOBY, kombucha to ferment at home, a bottle of flavored kombucha on which to do secondary fermentation at home and a fine mesh strainer.

Milk kefir is the tangy, drinkable, hyper-probiotic cousin of yogurt, and making it couldn't be easier. In this demo, you'll learn best practices, some of the amazing science behind the kefir "grains" culture (which aren't grains at all) and observe some of the fun and funky ways to eat your probiotics with virtually no effort and a budget that needs cover only milk and a jar.

We desire to have a successful class for our participants and the presenter. Any cancellations of class enrollments prior to 10/13/18 will be subject to a 15% fee. Cancellations after 10/13/18 will be non-refundable.

About the Instructor – Amanda Feifer Author and blogger Amanda Feifer has a long-standing crush on food and beverage fermentation. Since she left the world of Big Food in early 2011, she’s been teaching classes that range from kefir and kombucha to koji and kvass. She writes the fermentation blog Phickle, and wrote the actual book on vegetable fermentation, Ferment Your Vegetables. You can find her pics of stinky, bubbly things on Twitter and Instagram at @phicklefoods.