70-450 Pink Plastisol CT Mason Jar Lid - Regular Mouth

Item ID: RC-G70 PINK
100% of 100
As low as $0.42
Each $0.42
Case of 1000 $300.00
Wholesale Pricing Tiers
Buy 3 -5 $285.00 / Case of 1000
Buy 6 -Unlimited $270.00 / Case of 1000
Lid Size 70-450
Manufacturer Tecnocap LLC

Our Pink Regular Mouth Canning Lid is another beautiful way to customize your jar goods. This 70-450 mm CT (continuous thread) lid also known as a G70 or 70G closure. The pink metal lid does not have a button, which makes it easy to label but does have plastisol for hot-fill process. For water bath processing please use RC-G70 Hi-Heat closure. This fresh color is the perfect choice for baby girl showers or for any pink-appropriate parties. A portion of the proceeds from this item supports HELP THE FIGHT Breast Cancer Foundation. Pantone Color 237.

This cap fits any of the containers under the Product Accessories below. Jars are sold separately by case quantity. Lids are sold by the piece or case. MADE in the USA

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