Bitter Peach Type Fragrance Oil

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Flashpoint 240 °F
Leave on Products (Lotions) Maximum use: 22 %
Wash off Products (Soaps) Maximum use: 9 %
Vanillin Content 1.59 %
Ethyl Vanillin Content 0.09

Bitter Peach Type is lush aromatic, yet slightly gourmand fragrance and oriental in nature. The blend of the bright, just boozy peach with the creamy smooth woodsy yet green notes of sandalwood and vetiver makes this a good choice for a unisex candle. This fragrance is also suitable for soap & lotion applications. See the SDS and IFRA documents (located in the “Product Attachments” tab) for recommendations on percentages for specific uses.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Blood Orange, Fruity Peach, Heliotrope

Mid: Rum, Woody Rose

Base: Patchouli, Creamy Vanilla, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean


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TruScent Fragrance Oil is measured by weight in ounces. Because each oil has its own specific density, there will be a variation in volume when comparing one scent to another. 

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