Ball Canning Utensil Set

Item ID: J10809
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Ball 3 Piece Essential canning utensil set is perfect for canners, providing three necessary tools for successful canning.

  • Jar Funnel - Fits regular and wide-mouth canning jars
  • Bubble Remover / Headspace Tool
  • Jar Lifter

The plastic funnel helps you transfer food and liquids into the jar with minimal spills and product loss. Use the bubble remover to remove excess air once the jar is full. Then ensure proper headspace is achieved using the measurement guides on the opposite end. This tool measures 9" in length and can reach the bottom of half-pint, pint, and quart Ball Canning jars. The jar lifter allows you to safely place and remove canning jars from the water bath canner. The set is sold in a box with a cardboard hang tag for displays.

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