Accordion Cut Flat Cardboard Cushioning

Item ID: FC-001
As low as $27.00

Our pre-cushion wrapping material is made of clean post-consumer corrugated cardboard. This product is an excellent option for eco-friendly cushioning for your products. It is completely biodegradable. This product can be wrapped around items, stretched and layered as is, or stretched and layered with tissue paper or light kraft paper for a more upscale look. This style of cushioning is ideal for use in keeping items in place during shipping. The standard width of the pieces is 13 inches. If a narrower piece is desired, it can easily be torn along the accordion cut.

Since this is cut in house with the goal of re-purposing clean cardboard that we cannot use, the lengths of pieces will vary. Pieces will usually be between 2 feet and 6 foot in length.  “Clean” means that there is no tape, no labels, no printing in the product, so it can be composted with confidence when it is no longer needed.

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