Storage Lid for Mason Jar iLid Wide Mouth - SKY BLUE

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Lid Size Wide Mouth
Case Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 5.75" x 3.5" x 1"

The Wide Mouth Storage Lid by Intelligent LIDS for the wide mouth (86mm) jar is a one-piece Storage Lid. The one-piece lid makes it possible to shake up your smoothie or have airtight storage of dry goods right in your mason jar. iLIDS offer a simple, clean, practical and environmentally thoughtful product to extend the use of your mason jars. Use these for color coding items in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer…Red for Apple Sauce, Yellow for Broth etc. Intelligent LIDS are made from recyclable material, are BPA and phthalate-free and Dishwasher Safe. Made in the USA.