4th Burner Pot 12 Cup Kuhn Rikon

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This 4th Burner Pot has become a favorite for small batch canning, thanks to Marisa McClellan (Food in Jars). The dimensions of this pot make it easy to fit on a crowded stovetop and ideal for saving water and energy when doing small batches of water bath canning. The interior straining basket is perfect for canning, steaming vegetables or cooking larger pasta. It will safely hold up to 3 of the Elite Ball 8oz WM Jars or 1 of the other jars in the Accessories listed below. For safety reasons, the top of your jar should stay below the top rung of the straining basket. It sports interior fill markers, a pouring spout and a strainer zone on the lid. Silicone handles on both the basket and the pot add to the ease of use. Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and aluminum sandwich base, it is induction ready and offers optimum heat distribution. It is dishwasher safe. See Simply Canning Review of the 4th Burner Pot below by clicking on the link in the From the Blog section below. Approximate Dimensions: Height: 11 inches Diameter: 6 inches

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