G70 Olde Tyme Rust Regular Mouth Canning Jar Unlined

Item ID: RC-G70 OTR
Each $0.61
Case of 400 $208.00
Wholesale Pricing Tiers
Buy 6 -Unlimited $168.00 / Case of 400
Lid Size 70-450

Olde Tyme Rust-Colored Regular Mouth Lids - These attractive lids make great replacement lids for old jars, for candles, mason jar crafts or other non-perishables. Product appearance will vary due to old world manufacturing processes used to create these rustic lids. Scroll down to the From the Blog section to see our Mason Jar Lantern DIY.

***We received our last shipment of Olde Tyme lids. Upon inspection of the lids we noticed that the quality did not meet our normal expectations. We have new lids on order but the arrival date of the new lids will be several months out (4-6 months). We do not like having our customers inconvenienced when this occurs so we have negotiated a discount on this current stock so we have something to offer you during this time.***