Superb Wide Mouth Canning Lids

Item ID: SCLG086
As low as $13.85
Pack of 60 $13.85
Case of 24 $305.00
Wholesale Pricing Tiers
Buy 3 - 5 $305.00 / Case of 24
Buy 6 - Unlimited $305.00 / Case of 24
Lid Size Wide Mouth
Cases per Layer 5 cases
Cases per Full Pallet 40

Superb canning lids feature Seal-It-Right Technology, which brings Home Canning into the 21st century with the latest material and manufacturing technology. These lids are MADE in the USA and have Superbs BluSeal Integrity. BluSeal Integrity is a proprietary seal formulation with FDA-compliant ingredients for food contact. BluSeal has more sealing power due to 14% more contact area to fit jars. The high-temperature formulation ensures integrity during high-pressure canning. Superb lids allow for enhanced venting during canning to facilitate vacuum seal and prevent buckling. These canning lids have a "Pop"Lok Assurance, a distinctive "popping" sound for audible and visual assurance of the seal.

We offer our wholesale Superb Canning lids in packs of 60 wide-mouth canning lids or a master case of 24 packs of 60 lids. 


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