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Striped Jumbo Aardvark® unwrapped 7.75” length paper straw with inner diameter of 0.227” and outer diameter of 0.248”.

Aardvark® Paper Straws are made of safe FDA-Approved materials and non-toxic, food contact safe inks. Additionally, these straws are also eco-friendly – biodegradable and 100% chlorine free. These paper straws are the strongest, longest lasting on the market.

Our offering of Bulk Paper Straws at cheap prices are perfect for complimenting drinks at birthday parties, weddings, showers, graduation parties or homecoming events! These yellow drinking straws pair nicely with several other straws for Autumn Harvest Parties, for Easter or Springtime events or just to brighten up any summertime picnic! Made in the USA

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Manufacturer Aardvark
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