Orchard Road Canning Jars Quart Regular Mouth

Item ID: OR506~Case6
$3.95 / Case of 6
Jar CT 32oz
Orchard Road Canning Jars Quart (32 oz) Regular Mouth are a premium option for preserving, crafting, mason jar projects and events. The words orchard road are embossed on only one side of the jar. The classic style minus the extra embossing make these great candidates for labeling or customizing for selling or gifting. These are designed for water canning and for pressure canning and are compatible with other 70mm canning lids such as the Ball regular mouth lids. They come in an attractive and sturdy carton with dividers for safer transport and storage. **Note Orchard Road Jars do not come with lids. If you need some please look below in the accessories.