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Pressure Canning Jars

Which Jars are Safe for Pressure Canning?

Updated –  January, 2022 Pressure canning is a different preserving method than water bath canning, and not all jars are designed, tested, and approved for pressure canning. This post will discuss which jars are safe for pressure canning. Pressure canning is the only method recommended safe by the U.S.D.A. for preserving low-acid foods such as […]

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Can I use a Pressure Cooker for canning? Pressure Canners vs. Pressure Cookers for Canning

Updated June 2023 Richard Kralj, Food Safety & Quality-Senior Extension Educator at Penn State Extension presented a pressure canning demo at our Preservation Station at the PA Farm Show. There were many questions regarding pressure canning at the PA Farm Show, and we continue to get questions about this topic. As more small kitchen appliances […]

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oven with words warning against oven canning

Is Oven Canning Safe?

September 19, 2022 | Canning, Canning 101

Is oven canning safe? The short and safe answer is “no”. While there are several reasons not to, perhaps the biggest reason is that oven canning is not recommended by ANY of the glass jar or canning lid manufacturers to date. We do not aim to be the preserving police, but with posts on tiktok, […]

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superb canning lids

Superb Canning Lids

August 3, 2022 | Canning, Canning 101, Product, Shop, What's New

We are happy to introduce Superb Seal-it-Right Canning Lids to our line of tools for preserving, and be an official distributor. You can learn more about the Ohio-based company who makes them here. Superb canning lids are suitable for both water bath and pressure canning processes and are manufactured in the USA. They are available […]

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