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Customer Account Login

How to Maximize your Customer Account at Fillmore Container

This blog post includes important updates and tips for our customers, specifically about creating and utilizing a customer account. Why do I need to create an account? Our website is designed to offer valuable tools to help returning customer orders to flow smoothly. Logging in to a customer account when ordering gives you the...

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where did ball jars go

Where to Find Canning Jars

September 10, 2020 | Canning, Canning 101, News, Product, Shop, What's New

Updated September, 2023 It’s true, we’re in the midst of a food packaging crisis  and canning jars and other preserving and canning supplies are hard to find. The Washington Post even called us about it. Check out their article about pandemic canning. In this post we will help you find canning jars that are...

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Maximize Shipping with Fillmore Container

How to Save on Your Shipping Cost with Fillmore Container

  Updated January, 2024 There are several ways to save on your shipping cost with Fillmore Container. Our shipping cost includes: the cost of shipping cartons & cushioning designed to safely get products to their destination a portion of the cost of additional staffing to pack/process required for ground packages the cost that the...

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Honey Jars 2019 Fillmore Container

NEW Classic Honey Jars

September 19, 2019 | News, Product, What's New

New Classic Honey Jars means more honey jar options for you! We think our NEW and expanded glass honey jar collection is pretty sweet! Glass Classic Honey Jars feature a wider bottom, which adds to the stability of the jars. These classic jars have a narrower shoulder which allows for honey bubbles to rise...

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