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Candle Making Resources

FAQ-Volume for products

FAQ on Volume for Food/Beverage and Candle/Bath/Body Products

There are several FAQ about volume on food/beverage and candle/bath/body products. What is volume? What is overflow volume? How do I determine the volume of my product? Why does my jar hold a volume different than what it is called? Which volume do I include on my label? Read on to get insight on...

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Candle Testing Template

Candle Making Record Template

Any successful chandler will attest to the importance of dedicated testing and accurate record-keeping for candle making. We’ve created two Candle Making Record Templates to help streamline the process for you because we understand that it can be a daunting task. Candle Production Record Template Candle Testing Record Template   Candle Testing is Essential...

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What is Vanillin?

A question that’s often asked by candle makers is – What is Vanillin and/or Ethyl Vanillin? Why does is matter? Vanillin is one of the components that contribute to the distinct aroma of vanilla. Since the demand for vanilla flavoring has always outweighed the possible supply, much of the Vanillin is synthetically produced. Vanillin...

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