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white hot sun on orange sky with words 8 tips for shipping candles in the summer.

8 Tips for Shipping Candles in the Summer

As temperatures rise, it becomes more difficult to get candles; especially soy and coconut-based candles; to your customers safely. We share 8 tips for shipping candles in the summer heat that may help you keep your customers happy. While there’s not a reasonable way to guarantee that candles arrive the way you want them...

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When is a plastic lid the better choice?

When is a Plastic Lid the better choice?

Let’s be honest. Plastics are problematic…particularly those of the single-use variety. However, there are applications in the food and personal care industry where a plastic component is better suited. So, when is a plastic lid the better choice? To be clear…plastic lids are not suitable for processes that require heat processing or the formation...

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Woozy Bottles Fillmore Container

Woozy Bottles for Hot Sauce & Syrups

Our woozy bottles have become a fast favorite for hot sauce aficionados. Whether you’re making hot sauce as a hobby or for your business, these woozy bottles are the ideal packaging and will show off your product nicely. They all have a CT finish (screw-on style), for which we carry a variety of lid...

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