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Let Customers Know What Earth Friendly Measures Your Business Practices!

Yes! It’s important to let your customers know what earth friendly measures your business practices. We’re all sharing this wonderful planet, so it benefits all of us when we make environmentally sustainable choices. As a sense of purpose or mission becomes a larger motivating factor for consumers, many small businesses are being more intentional...

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Soy Candles in Mason Jars 11-6-2013 10-06-57 AM

Tips for a Growing Candle Business

Is your candle line growing? We hope it is! As with any growing business, there are important opportunities along the way to add value for your customers – both in the way of the physical product they purchase, in addition to the experience and engagement involved in that purchase. Educate and encourage your customers...

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Introducing Ball’s Collection Elite Jars

Our warehouse was a sea of BLUE this morning! We anxiously welcomed Ball’s newest line the Collection Elite® Color Series jars made with blue glass. These beautiful blue glass jars are available in three never-before-released sizes: regular mouth half-pint, wide mouth pint, and wide mouth quart and all three styles just landed in our...

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