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Diffusol Reed Diffuser Base from TruScent Fillmore Container

Diffusol™ Reed Diffuser Base

We’re excited to add Diffusol™ Reed Diffuser Base to our line of candle supplies here at Fillmore Container!

The Diffusol™ formula was carefully created to maximize the amount of fragrance oil movement in diffuser reeds.

It is available for purchase in a 7lb jug, with a price break at 4 jugs.

A white plastic jug filled with 7 pounds of liquid Diffusol base.

What are reed diffusers?

A reed diffuser system consists of a diffuse base scented with a fragrance oil. This scented oil is packaged in glass bottle which is securely closed with a cap/lid until it is ready to be used. At that time, the bottle is opened and the reeds are placed in the bottle.

Benefits of adding diffusers to your line:

Adding reed diffusers is a great way to expand your business, reach a market beyond candles and increase your sales. They are easy to market, easy to make and customize for seasons, events and to a wide range of customer bases. As with candles, reed diffusers can add ambiance, a sense of calm, cozy or energizing…basically whatever mood supporting a candle would do.

Since the vessels don’t need to be visible to be safe, your options for bottles can be understated or purely functional. On the other hand, since they don’t need to be messed with or frequently maintained, they can become part of the decor in a way that a candle with an open flame cannot.

Diffusol™ is also approved for use in air fresheners and passive/active electronic diffuser systems.

Why are Reed Diffusers an excellent home fragrance option?

  • They can provide consistent aroma without active monitoring or constant maintenance.
  • Because they don’t require an open flame, they are generally a safer option.
  • Reed Diffuser kits aren’t “spent” nearly as quickly as candles or melts.
  • No waxy mess or residue and it is easier to maintain.

Why is Diffusol™ reed diffuser base the better choice?

Diffusol™ Reed Diffuser Base benefits

In which applications can Diffusol™ be used?

Diffusol™ reed diffuser base exhibits a moderate evaporation base in reed diffusers in addition to air fresheners and passive or active electronic diffuser systems. It is compatible with most oil-soluble and water-soluble fragrances.

Please note that although we do not recommend blending our AromEffex™ fragrances with other fragrances, they are compatible with our Diffusol™!

*When choosing fragrances, be sure to reference the IFRA of each fragrance to ensure that the fragrance is suitable for diffuser, air freshener applications.

Diffusol™ Reed Diffuser Formulation Recommendation

For most TruScent fragrance oils, we recommend the following ratio:

Diffusol™80% – 90%
TruScent™ Fragrance Oil10% – 20%

*Testing is recommended for the specified conditions of intended use to assure both desired performance, stability and safety of your formulation. Verify application is suitable according to all relevant IFRA documents.

Tips & Reminders:

  • Wash hands and take necessary precautions when working with these products.
  • Include instructions with your kit along with safety precautions with handling or reeds etc, and a reminder to not throw away the lid to the bottle so it can be reapplied when the customer wishes to stop the diffusion process at any time.
  • Fragrance and diffuser formulations should not be poured down the drain. They can be repurposed into a potpourri or disposed of in the manner indicated by your local waste management authority.

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