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NEW rPET Wax Melt Trays are Recyclable!

Our new rPET wax melt trays are recyclable! Yes, it’s true! These require half the plastic and are made of rPET, which means that they are truly recyclable. We are excited to be part of the launch of this new product in conjunction with Hub Labels…who have designed a resealable label specifically to accommodate this new tray.

How do these NEW rPET wax melt trays work?

You fill the trays with your favorite tart/wax melt wax and fragrance combination just as you normally would (minus the hassle with the lids). The recommended pour temperature for these is 140° or lower. When they have fully cooled/solidified, you carefully apply the special resealable label. (Here is where there are a couple of options we will address later.)

When your customer wishes to begin using their melts, they simple grasp the sticker by the corner that is offset and carefully peel it down far enough to retrieve a melt or two. Then they carefully reapply the sticky cover similar to how you re-seal a package of Oreo’s.

When they have used all of the melts, they should remove the sticker entirely. The sticker goes into the trash, but the tray goes into the recycle bin!

What labeling options do I have?

We carry rolls of resealable blank clear labels, blank white labels and blank black labels. You can apply you labels on top of these. If your printer is compatible with these labels, you could print on these prior to applying them.

This is an image of filled melt trays - some uncovered, some with Fillmore Container's designed Wax Melt Label.

Here is a label that we designed for these melt trays. This label is printed with the white label base. The designers at Hub Labels can use your image if it’s formatted correctly or they can help you design one. If you are pouring large quantities, you may wish to design a branded label with Hub Labels. Since minimums are significant, you may consider ordering a label that has your branding and information that would be the same on all of your tarts and then just apply your fragrance name after the fact.

Tips on Ordering Custom Labels

Reach out to the team at Hub Labels. If you already have brand imaging or have the image you’ve been printing for other uses, it maybe a good idea to include that with your initial contact so that they can see what you already have and can better advise you on the next steps.

Hub recently updated their Hub Art Guide, which provides helpful details on design requirements and fee structures for services.

They require a high resolution PDF file as Adobe Illustrator is the program they use. Images should be 300 dpi If you use other common programs like the ones below to do your brand design work, you’ll know that the free versions have their limitations. If you’re using an upgraded version, you may have even better options. Here are the suggestions from the Hub team:

  • Maestro – Download as a “PDF file”.
  • Canva – Download as “flattened PDF”
  • PicMonkey – Download as “PDF”

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