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What are the Benefits of Wax Melts?

If you’re on the fence about the role of wax melts, this post is for you! We address several benefits of wax melts and why you may wish to add them to your candle line.

They are aromatic

Wax Melts absorb heat more slowly and are able to release the aroma(s) without burning or consuming the oils, allowing for a longer lasting aromatic impact and more consistent performance. Once the desired strength of the aroma in your space is reached, it can be turned off with the flip of a switch…no smoke.

No Flame Required

This is probably the strongest reason that candle-makers add wax melts to their line. Whether it’s a regulation of where one is living (dorm, retirement home, etc) or a fear of open flames, wax melts make it possible for those who can’t burn a candle to still enjoy the aroma of one. For smaller spaces, there’s no need to burn a candle until the proper melt pool is achieved prior to putting it out. Electric melt warmers are easy to use and are also easy up-sell items to have on hand in your shop.

Essential Oil or Bio-equivalent friendly

One of the largest challenges that candle-makers face when using essential oils, bio-equivalent oils or essential blends is the duration of a good hot throw. One of the natural characteristics of these oils in candles is the rate at which they dissipate during a burn. You may have noticed that if you allow an essential oil candle to burn longer than it should, you begin to notice the scent of something burning rather than the fragrance of the candle. You might also notice that the strength of sequential burns aren’t quite as strong because the wax that cooled from the prior burn has already lost a portion of the oil providing the fragrance.

Wax melts allow you to avoid this phenomena. When your melt looses it’s fragrance, you can just trade it out for a fresh wax melt.

Blending options

Since you get to choose which blocks/chips go into your was melter, the blending options are endless! So you can change up your aromas quickly and easily.

We carry two versions of Wax Melt Clam Shells, both with 6 cavities.

There are several of our soy waxes that are suitable for use in melts and tarts. AAK (Golden Brands) recommends the 494 Soy Wax (GB-Wax Melt). The NatureWax Soy are also used frequently for melts and tarts.

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