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Bath Salts Bar

Setting up a Bath Salts Bar would be a sweet way for your guests to be creative and gift them with a make & take favor that they can enjoy long after the party is over! You can offer as many options as you’d like, and the cost can range from very reasonable to extravagant, depending on your specific ingredients. You could have the bar set up as a make & take (as described below) where your guests put it all together, or you could make several large batches ahead of time and allow your guests to simply fill their jar.

Basic Bath Salts Bar Ingredients:

  • Epsom Salts
  • A larger-grained salt like Himalayan Pink Salt or Dead Sea Salt
  • Essential Oils (be sure to use ones that are skin safe)
  • Dried flower petals or buds (lavender or jasmine buds, dried rose, chamomile, cornflower, calendula, marigold, bee balm petals)
  • Baking Soda (Optional…is soothing to itchy skin and helps reduce inflammation)

Basic Bath Salts Bar Supplies

  • Glass or stainless containers for the salts & driedpetals/buds
  • Dropper bottles for the essential oils
  • Appropriately sized scoops and funnels for the salts & dried petals/buds
  • Glass containers with lids for guests to package their finished salts
  • You may want to provide some small muslin bags for those who wish to use these as tub tea and contain the floral pieces.

How to Setup Your Bath Salts Bar

Place your ingredients in easy-to-access, appropriately sized, non-reactive containers (like these cracker jars or queen line jars). We recommend keeping them lidded until the party begins to maintain the integrity of the ingredients. Place the appropriate scoop and funnel for the dry ingredients on a small plate or tray in front of each ingredient to help protect the surface of your work space from the salts.

Provide a few suggested recipes or proportions for your guests, so they know how much of the essential oils to safely add.

Other Bath Salts or Soak Recipes by Fillmore Container

Here are some additional springtime essential oil blends that your guests may enjoy. Using these oil proportions, you can adjust the amount of other ingredients (salts) that you’re providing. (Provided in drops)

  • 3 lemongrass | 4 eucalyptus | 5 lemon
  • 1 spearmint | 1 ylang ylang | 2 orange | 3 tangerine
  • 2 geranium | 2 lavender | 2 clary sage | 2 chamomile
  • 1 spearmint | 2 lemongrass | 3 lavender
  • 3 rosemary | 3 lavender | 3 mint

You can find more inspiring ideas on our Bath & Body DIY board on Pinterest

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