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superb canning lids
August 3, 2022 Canning, Canning 101, Product, Shop, What's New

Superb Canning Lids

We are happy to introduce Superb Seal-it-Right Canning Lids to our line of tools for preserving, and be an official distributor. You can learn more about the Ohio-based company who makes them here.

Superb canning lids are suitable for both water bath and pressure canning processes and are manufactured in the USA. They are available in regular mouth and wide mouth sizes and are compatible with traditional canning jars that have a regular mouth (and RC 70-450) finish or the wide mouth Ball/Kerr mason jars.

What makes Superb Canning Lids different?

BluSeal Integrity

  • A proprietary seal formulation with ingredients that are FDA compliant for food contact
  • More sealing power:
  • High-temperature formulation to ensure integrity during pressure canning
  • Enhanced venting to enhance vacuum seal and prevent buckling

“Pop”Lock Assurance

  • Distinctive “pop” feature for audible and visual assurance of seal integrity
  • Calibrated to meet the FDA’s 3 psi vacuum standards for home canning

QuinTek Protection

  • 5 layers of corrosion protection
    • 2 layers of exterior protection- food grade electroplate & classic gold BPA-free top coat
    • 3 layers of interior protection- food grade electroplate, BPA-free base coat & BPA-free top coat
  • Validated by third-party testing laboratories

How can I purchase Superb Canning Lids?

These lids are available in boxes of 60, or by the case. Price breaks for multiple cases can be seen on our website or by following the links to Superb Regular Mouth Canning Lids or Superb Wide Mouth Canning Lids. As always, we encourage joint orders for families or close communities in order to save on shipping or on product as it may allow you to reach the next pricing tier.

If you are looking to sell these lids at your Farmer’s Market or store front, contact us about requirements for acquiring a display that you can use to feature these lids for your customers.

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