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Woozy Bottles Fillmore Container
March 1, 2022 Product, Small Business Resources

Woozy Bottles for Hot Sauce & Syrups

Our woozy bottles have become a fast favorite for hot sauce aficionados. Whether you’re making hot sauce as a hobby or for your business, these woozy bottles are the ideal packaging and will show off your product nicely. They all have a CT finish (screw-on style), for which we carry a variety of lid & fitment options.

Our Woozy Bottle Options

  • 1.7 oz Mini Woozy 18-400 Finish : This woozy bottle is a good option for specialty batches or for samplers.
  • 5 oz Woozy Hot Sauce Bottle 24-414 Finish : This classic woozy is compatible with our snap-on dripper fitment.
  • 5 oz Woozy Hot Sauce/Soy Sauce Bottle 24-414 Finish : Sourced as an alternate for the bottle above, this one is also compatible with our snap-on dripper fitment.
  • 5 oz Woozy Hot Sauce Bottles- Wider Mouth – 28-400 Finish : This woozy bottle has a slightly larger opening and is suitable for slightly thicker sauces. It is compatible with our orifice reducer, if drizzling is preferred.
  • 8oz Woozy Bottles 28-400 Finish : This woozy also has a slightly larger opening and is a good option for dressings, marinades, syrups or sauces in which a larger volume would be desired. It is also compatible with the orifice reducer.
  • 10 oz Woozy Bottles 24-414 Finish : This woozy bottle has the smaller opening and is compatible with the snap-on dripper fitment.

Complete your Woozy Bottles with the best Fitments & Closures

All compatible fitments or accessories for each particular bottle are linked to the bottle and can be found in the Accessories tab underneath the image of the item. This is the best way to make sure that items are compatible.

Dripper Fitments and Orifice Reducers can be quite helpful depending on the viscosity and consistency of your product. The dripper fitment simply snaps on, and can easily be removed. The orifice reducer slides into the mouth of the jar and is a little more challenging to remove.

Lids are available in several colors, and in plastic or metal, depending on the finish of your bottle. Be sure to utilize the Accessories tab to see which options are compatible with your bottle.

Woozy-250x250Heat Shrink Bands are available in a wide range of colors and can help you color-code your level of heat, or simply heighten the impact of your marketing. If you are selling your product, these can make your product look more professional, increase customer confidence, and aid in keeping lids secure during shipping. Learn more about them here. These will also show up in the Accessories tab.

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