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Kombucha Mocktails - Fillmore Container
January 22, 2022 Drinks, Fermenting, Recipes, Tasty DIY

Kombucha Mocktail & Cocktail Recipes

Don’t let the sparkling tart kombucha fool you… these fermented tea beverages don’t just taste amazing but are also packed with probiotics which are great for gut health. The best ones are made with whole food ingredients and are surprisingly low in sugar.  Kombucha can be an ideal mixer for both boozy and non-boozy drinks. As artisan kombucha continues to trend it shouldn’t be difficult to find a local brand near you! A few of our favorites are Baba’s Brew, Counterpart Kombucha, Renewal Kombucha, and Lapp it Up. With a wide range of natural flavors and hues, the possibilities for kombucha mocktail & cocktail recipes are almost endless.

Twists on the Moscow Mule

The traditional Moscow Mule consists of Ginger Beer (4oz) | Vodka (1.5oz) | Lime Juice.

Basic Kombucha Moscow Mule: Swap out the vodka for your favorite kombucha.

Berry Moscow Mule Mocktail: Add a Tbs of your favorite berry jam to the lime juice, muddle it, top with your favorite gingery kombucha. Make it special with a coordinating berry, lime & mint garnish!

Kombucha Mojito Mocktail

The traditional Cuban Mojito consists of white rum (1.5oz) | Lime juice (1oz) | Sugar (2tsp) | Mint Leaves | Soda Water.

If you want to keep your Kombuch Mocktail proofed…simply use kombucha instead of the soda water.

For the Kombucha Mojito Mocktail, muddle mint leaves (6 – 10 fresh leaves), add lime juice, and top off with your kombucha of choice. (One of the many benefits of kombucha is that the sugar originally in the sweetened tea base is almost completely used up in the fermentation process. So, if you really prefer your mojito to be sweeter, you may need to add sugar.) Here, we used Baba’s Bucha “Bee’s Knees” to make our refreshing Mojito Mocktail.

Kombucha Mojito Mocktail - Fillmore Container

If you’re a fan of the seasonal Mojitos like peach, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, or watermelon, it’s quite simple to switch things up. Just muddle a few small slices or berries with the mint, and choose your kombucha accordingly. Setting up a kombucha Mojito bar would be a fresh & charming addition for a shower or brunch. Simply have choices of freshly cut fruits, bouquets of mint, lime slices, a few muddlers, perhaps a simple syrup, and an assortment of kombucha. This could be especially sweet for a baby shower or event where guests would particularly appreciate zero-proof cocktails. Your guests can have fun building and blending without the alcohol.

Kombucha Mimosa Mocktail

The traditional Mimosa consists of Champagne or Spumante (1part) | Orange Juice (1 part)

For the Kombucha Mimosa Mocktail, simply use kombucha instead of the champagne/spumante. Again, there are many delicious versions because of the varieties of kombucha flavors and ways to customize the mimosa to the season or event. Fruits like pomegranate seeds, diced peaches, slivered strawberries make delightful additions for flavor and garnish. For some extra sparkle, try one of our rimming sugar recipes.

Kombucha Mimosa - Fillmore Container

We’d love to hear about your favorite kombucha mocktail & cocktail recipes…so please share them and be sure to tag us…and the kombucha brewer!

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