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Honey Jars 2019 Fillmore Container
September 19, 2019 News, Product, What's New

NEW Classic Honey Jars

New Classic Honey Jars means more honey jar options for you! We think our NEW and expanded glass honey jar collection is pretty sweet!

Classic Style Honey Jars

Glass Classic Honey Jars feature a wider bottom, which adds to the stability of the jars. These classic jars have a narrower shoulder which allows for honey bubbles to rise to the top. We offer glass honey jars in ½ pound, 1 pound and 2 pound options.

Queenline Honey Jar

Queenline Honey JarQueenline Honey Jars are similar to the classic honey jar and are sometimes mistaken for the other style. Queenline Jars have a wider top and a slightly narrower bottom. We offer ½ pound queenline, 1 pound queenline, and 2 pound queenline jars.


Skep (Hive) Jar

120_12_oz_Skep_Hive_Jar_58mm_LugThese attractive Skep Jars provide you with a perfect way to showcase your honey and are available in 3 oz and 12 oz sizes. The front and back of the skep jar has a smooth surface which is perfect for labeling.



Muth Jar

4_oz_Muth_Jar_with_Cork_FinishMuth Honey Jars are replicas of the old-fashioned square honey jars used by Charles Muth in the early 1800’s. These honey bottles have a honey hive image on the front and make a lovely keepsake bottle when the honey is gone. The Muth Collection is available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz options. The muth bottles use a cork top, that is sold separately.


Glass Honey Bear

Honey Bear JarWe think this Glass Honey Bear Jar is adorable! After the honey is gone from this jar turn it into a cute money bank with one of our coin slot lids!  




We also carry a few accessories that are valuable additions to your honey product offerings.

Quality Beech Wood Honey Dippers are sold wholesale, in bulk or by the piece. Our honey dipper features a small bulb on the handle to aid in handling. Sturdily crafted of quality beechwood, they measure about 6″ in length.

Our Natural Tapered Cork Stoppers come in a variety of sizes to fit our Muth Jar Collection. Corks are sold separately.


The National Honey Board (NHB) is the “go-to” resource for honey. You can review packaging and labeling requirements on this site. Just remember that honey is sold by net weight, excluding packaging. This is why we label the jars in a way that highlights the weights of honey that can be stored in the container. Remember: honey weight is different than fluid ounces.

The Honey Locator – If you need a source for your honey project, you’ll need to find a local honey source. The Honey Locator is a helpful resource to connect you with honey near you.

A Guide to Bee KeepingIf you want to start bee keeping as a hobby, or a business the Guide to Bee Keeping will get you started.Honey Pinterest

Packaging Honey – You’ll find inspiration for more ideas on packaging and presenting pure golden honey goodness for your special occasion, or for retail sales, on our Pinterest board.

Honey Recipes – If you want to reduce your use of sugar, use honey – it’s a natural sweetener. Here’s some recipes and ideas on how to use honey in your everyday cooking. Here’s some of our honey sweetened preserving recipes. Honey is also a great ingredient to use in DIY bath & body products.  Try this Honey Oatmeal Scrub, or Honey Body Butter.


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