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Mason Jar Layered Cake

This layered cake in a mason jar makes this dessert extra sweet!  What’s even better about this dessert is that it’s surprisingly easy to make. You can be extremely creative, by adding fun multi-colored layers or different fillings or frostings! Or keep it super simple, and use a store-bought cake or cupcakes and frosting.

Watch the video to see how easy it is.


We’ve made this recipe a few ways. The first time we made it, we made everything from scratch. We baked a small cake from scratch and sliced it in half so that it’s about 1″ thick. Then we used a biscuit cutter (you could also use a juice glass, or cookie cutter) to cut out round pieces that fit in a jar.

MasonJarCakeThe trick to making the layers is to just add the small round cake pieces in the jar, add frosting, then add another cake layer, add frosting and repeat 2 more times. Certainly, if you wanted to use pudding, or mousse and only frost the top of the cake, that’d be yummy too.

We’ve also baked cupcakes (and bought cupcakes from our grocery bakery) and sliced them in quarters and added the cupcake slices to our jar, then layered frosting, cupcake, sprinkles, repeat.

We especially like that this concept of layering cut slices of cake and frosting allowed us to control how much cake, and how much frosting, you put in the jar.

We used our 8oz. tapered jars, and our 4oz. tapered jars for the littles. We recommend using a straight-sided or tapered jar without shoulders, making it easy to scoop out all that goodness! We also topped our jars with some festive lids.


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