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December 8, 2017 Christmas, Product, Seasonal, What's New

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

This year our gift guide consists of 17 items to celebrate 2017! We hand-picked these items from our top sellers, and our personal favorites! We hope you find the perfect gift for someone on your list, or maybe you’ll treat yourself to something special!

  1. Water Bath Canner – The perfect gift for someone just getting started with canning, or for someone who needs an upgrade from an old agate canning pot.
  2. Preserving Books  – A library of preserving resources to choose from.
  3. Stainless Steel Funnels –  A must have for the kitchen and a favorite for canning! We have funnels in a variety of sizes, so they can be used for filling canning jars, or for filling spice jars.
  4. This 6 Piece Canning Set contains the essential tools for canning.
  5. The 4th Burner Pot has become a favorite for small batch canning. The interior straining basket is perfect for canning, steaming vegetables or cooking larger pasta too. Read more about this versatile pot here and here.
  6. Ferment Your Vegetables, by Amanda Feifer of Phickle, is a must-have for the newbie or for the seasoned fermenter and will help to keep you in probiotic goodness all year around!
  7. Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit – This kit features 4 Pickle Pebbles, 4 Pickle Pipes and a Pickle Packer – packed in a custom and beautifully designed color box; perfect for gifting.
  8. Our Pantry Jars, including the Cracker Jar and Montana Jars, make great additions to anyone’s kitchen.
  9. Fancy lids like our Daisy Lids and Straw Lids, plus our Paper Straws add a little fun to any drink. Available in lots of colors and patterns.
  10. Candle Tools are a perfect hostess gift that will keep candles burning their best.
  11. The Mason Bottle Kits turn a Mason jar into a feeding solution for infants. Perfect for any current or soon-to-be mama.
  12. ReCAP lids  transform jars into on-the-go drinks, storage and more.
  13. The Cuppow folks continue to make our list with 3 pretty cool products – the Cuppow Coozie,  Cuppow lid and the BNTO.
  14. Our Muth jars are beautiful replicas of the old fashioned square honey jars.
  15. JarBOX – Store or tote your preserves safely, in this plastic container. Available in both quart and pint size.
  16. Cherry Pitter – We love this handy tool, and we aren’t the only ones who love it!
  17. Ball Jars  – We carry the entire line of Ball jars. Even the hard to find ones!

Tell us which items are on your list?

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