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Tell Customers about Earth Friendly Measures Your Business Practices!

Yes! It’s important to tell your customers about earth friendly measures your business practices. We’re all sharing this wonderful planet, so it benefits all of us when we make environmentally sustainable choices.

As a sense of purpose or mission becomes a larger motivating factor for consumers, many small businesses are being more intentional about incorporating earth friendly products and practices into their production and products.

But…do your customers know?

We’ve found that many of our local crafters & makers are already running pretty environmentally friendly operations. The fact that they’re working in their home and on a small budget often prompts them to be aware of the safety of ingredients and challenges them with the task of re-using & re-purposing whenever possible, allowing nothing to go to waste. Often,  these measures are overlooked because they seem like common Sustainability Fillmore Containersense, and therefore, get left out during the marketing of your brand. Whether it’s communicated in print, on a website, or face to face, the degree to which you implement earth friendly practices should be shared, and can make a difference.

Here are a few questions to help you identify the great things you may already be doing, or could do, and how you might share the good news with your customers.

Do you re-use packaging supplies for shipping?

Boxes? Bubble wrap? Packing Peanuts? News Paper? String/Twine?

If you already do, about what percent of your packing materials are re-used?

This is a nugget worth sharing! “Did you know that XX% of our packing materials are re-purposed?” or “You may notice that our packing materials vary. That’s because we’re giving them a second run before they get tossed to the curb!” You could even encourage your customers to find a local need for them.

It may be worth checking with local businesses to see if they are trashing such items. If so, are they safe to use and would it be worth your time?

Is there anything special about the packing products?fillmore-container-packing-peanuts

Whether you’re re-using supplies or bringing in new, it’s worth sharing their earth friendly attributes. Are your boxes, wrapping or cushioning supplies made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials?

If you’re using Packing Peanuts from Fillmore Container, they are starch-based, earth-friendly, fully biodegradable. They can be re-used, but the crushed ones can simply be tossed into the compost. You’re welcome to link to the details here.

Is your product container easy to re-purpose?

If your container can easily be cleaned and useful to your customer, that’s a plus for those who are striving to decrease what goes to the curb. Are labels easy to remove? Do you encourage this by giving tips on how to remove your label, or how to safely remove the last remnants of wax & the wick? If customers don’t have a need for them, consider offering other alternatives before recycling. lancaster-creative-reuse

There are many centers like Lancaster Creative ReUse that are popping up across the nation which happily take glass containers, tins and more.

You may even end up finding supplies that you can use…or re-use, or make valuable connections at places like these.

Glass re-purposing & re-use centers are becoming more readily available across the country.

Our “Re-Using & Up-Cycling Canning Rings, Jars & Bottles” Pinterest Board is full of creative suggestions.








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