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November 21, 2016 Product, What's New

Mason Bottles are here!

We’re so excited to have added the Mason Bottle Kits and additional Silicone Sleeves to our lineup! They certainly make the grade when it comes to our desire to carry items that facilitate healthier, chemical free, earth friendly consumer choices and give even more life to humble mason jars. We love that the components can be useful from infant bottle-feeding, to toddler and beyond.

Mason Baby Bottlesbabybottle-keyThe original Mason Bottle DIY Bottle kit  includes:


  • one set of silicone nipples (slow flow)
  • one silicone sleeve
  • one plastic cap.

They are available in a kit to fit the 4oz jar or the 8oz jar. If you’re buying for a new mother, you could get one of each so that she can transition right into the 8oz. However, if you’re super thrifty, you could simple get one of the kits and then add the Silicone Sleeve of the other size. (Jars and Bands sold separately)

Details for a Mommy of a Newborn:

  • The wide breast-like nipples are designed to transition between breast and bottle and have a built-in ventilation system to reduce gas and colic.
  • The silicone sleeve adds protection and grip during feeding.
  • The silicone sleeve also serves nicely as a buffer when packing additional bottles for when you’re on the go or for childcare, so having a couple of sleeves on hand would be helpful!

Our colorful Plastisol Single Piece lids would make color coding for milk dating and rotation a breeze. They fit both the 4oz or 8oz jars and would be an economical choice for freezing/storing breastmilk.  For a rust-free option, the iLIDS will would also serve you well. While more of an investment, they would be recommended if proper washing & drying isn’t practical.

We recommend hand washing and thoroughly drying your mason jar rings to extend their lifespan. The good news is that everything else can go in the dishwasher: glass mason jars, our silicone nipples, silicone sleeves, and plastic caps! All components are BPA-free and Made in the USA.


As baby begins to eat pureed vegetables and fruits, the 4oz jars from your bottles can be used with your plastisol or iLIDS to freeze your homemade baby food! Again, you could come up with whatever fun color coding system you’d like, or simply use a wax pencil or some masking tape to date & label your jars. This How to Make and Freeze Baby Food post will get you started!



When baby is no longer in need of a nipple, we have several cuppow sippy cup or drink lid options that can take your 8 oz bottles and sleeves right into that next stage!


The reCAP Flip Caps will turn that 4oz jar into a snack container which allows little fingers to easily access their bits of food. Put a reCAP Pour Cap on a the 8oz jar if you’d like to pour small, more regulated portions out.


Important Tips on thawing and warming milk or pureed foods: Don’t forget the thermal shock limitations of glass. We recommend moving frozen items into the refrigerator the night before, or allowing to at least partially thaw with supervision before attempting to warm the jar and its contents. The best way to warm both milk and food is to place the bottle/jar in a pan of warm water, or to use a bottle warmer. Breast-milk in particular, is sensitive to over-heating. *Always be sure to test the temperature of the baby’s milk or food before feeding.*









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